Writing a great essay in a hurry

“Ever faced the panic of a blank screen with a fast-approaching deadline? I am sure you have been there. Writing a great essay in a hurry feels tough, but it’s not impossible.

This article unravels the secret to creating impressive essays swiftly, solving your time-crunch problem.

We will explore tricks, tips, and strategies, transforming panic into productivity. Dive in to master the art of writing great essays, even when the clock is ticking!”

Don’t Overreach Yourself

“Don’t Overreach Yourself” is a practical approach to essay writing when pressed for time. To implement it, first understand the task and create a concise outline.

Prioritize key points, conduct focused research, and emphasize quality over quantity. Efficiently edit and proofread for clarity.

This approach is crucial because it allows for effective time management, ensuring completion within the deadline.

It promotes coherence and focus, resulting in a well-structured essay. By prioritizing quality, you will convey your message effectively despite time constraints.

Have your books nearby

Having your books nearby is a helpful strategy for writing an essay when short on time. Keep relevant books within reach to quickly access information and references.

When in a hurry, use the table of contents to locate specific details efficiently. Skim through relevant sections and take concise notes to include in your essay.

Having books nearby saves time by avoiding lengthy online searches.

It ensures accuracy and enhances the depth of your arguments. With easy access to reliable information, you will write a well-informed essay in a shorter time frame.

Proofread As You Write

Proofreading As You Write is a valuable technique for writing essays when pressed for time. To implement it, review each sentence immediately after composing it, correcting errors and improving clarity.

This method is crucial as it helps catch and rectify mistakes on the spot, preventing them from accumulating and compromising the essay’s overall quality.

By proofreading as you write, you enhance your work’s coherence, grammar, and structure, ensuring a smoother and more refined final product.

This practice saves time by eliminating the need for revisions later on, allowing you to submit a well-polished essay even when working under time constraints.

Type your essay rather than handwriting it.

Typing an essay instead of handwriting is a convenient and efficient approach when time is limited.

To do this effectively, organize your thoughts and create an outline. Then, use a text editor to type your essay, allowing for easy editing and revision.

Typing enables faster writing speed, saving precious minutes. It allows for clear legibility, making it easier for readers to comprehend your ideas.

Typing also offers the advantage of spell-check and grammar-check tools, minimizing errors.

Typing an essay in a hurry ensures a smoother and more streamlined writing process, facilitating better time management and enhancing the overall quality of your work.

Keep your style concise.

A concise style is crucial when pressed for time while writing an essay. To achieve conciseness, prioritize clear language, and omit unnecessary details.

This approach enhances readability by eliminating fluff. Conciseness helps convey ideas efficiently, preventing readers from getting lost in a sea of words.

It ensures your message is conveyed and saves the writer and reader time. By adhering to a concise style, you create an easy-to-read, focused, and impactful essay, enabling readers to grasp your main point.

Reference as you write

Referencing as you go is essential when writing an essay under time constraints. To do this, maintain a list of sources you plan to cite and include in-text citations as you introduce relevant information.

This approach ensures accuracy and prevents the omission of essential references. Referencing as you write avoids the risk of unintentional plagiarism by crediting the original authors.

Secondly, it adds credibility to your arguments and strengthens the validity of your essay.

Referencing ensures readers access and verify your present information, enhancing overall quality.

Choose a Topic that Requires Little Research

Selecting a topic that requires minimal research is a strategy when writing an essay under time constraints.

To accomplish this, choose a subject that you already possess a solid understanding of. Opt for topics within your expertise and personal experiences.

This approach saves valuable time on extensive research, allowing you to focus on organizing and presenting your thoughts. The importance of selecting a low-research topic is its efficiency.

By leveraging your existing knowledge, you can quickly delve into the writing process, resulting in a coherent and well-structured essay that is easy to read while meeting your deadline.

Read your essay question carefully

When pressed for time, reading the essay question attentively before diving into writing is crucial. By doing so, you gain a clear understanding of the topic and requirements.

This initial step helps structure your thoughts, saving time in the long run. Careful reading allows you to identify key terms, analyze the question’s nuances, and formulate a focused thesis statement.

It minimizes the risk of misinterpreting the prompt and enables you to address it accurately. Thus, taking a few extra moments to comprehend the essay question enhances efficiency and ensures a well-crafted, on-topic essay.

Easy ways to complete an essay include conducting thorough research, organizing thoughts logically, utilizing clear language, and revising for clarity and coherence

Use Google for quick research

Using Google for quick research is a valuable tool when pressed for time. Formulate a straightforward research question. Enter keywords into the search engine, and use quotation marks for exact phrases.

Skim the search results and prioritize reliable sources. Look for concise summaries, or bullet points on relevant pages to save time.

Ensure critical thinking by cross-referencing information from multiple sources. Google’s speed and accessibility enable swift access to vast information, providing a convenient resource for obtaining preliminary knowledge and gathering insights for an essay when time is limited.

Make a plan

When time is scarce, creating a plan is essential for writing an essay efficiently. Start by brainstorming key ideas and arguments related to the topic.

Then, organize points into a logical structure, outlining an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Prioritize compelling arguments and supporting evidence.

The plan serves as a roadmap, ensuring a clear and coherent essay. It helps maintain focus, prevents unnecessary tangents, and covers all relevant points.

By following a plan, the writing process becomes streamlined and organized, saving valuable time and enabling the creation of a well-structured when in a hurry.

Use an online help

When time is scarce, online help is a game-changer. Here’s how you can utilize online help:

Find a reliable essay writing service: Find reputable companies like essayswift.com that provide high-quality essays, even within short timeframes.

Provide clear instructions: Communicate with us essay requirements, topic, and deadline to understand your needs precisely.

Collaborate with our professional writers: Work closely with our expert writers with subject knowledge and expertise, allowing you to leverage their skills to craft a well-researched essay.

Ensure plagiarism-free content: Reputable services like EssaySwift guarantee originality by using plagiarism-checking tools to deliver unique essays.

The importance of using online help, mainly through EssaySwift, is the ability to alleviate the pressure of tight deadlines while maintaining the quality of your essay.

With professional assistance, you will overcome time constraints and submit a well-written essay that meets your academic requirements.

Rewards system

A rewards system can be helpful when writing an essay under time constraints. First, break down the task into smaller goals.

For each completed section, reward yourself with a short break, a snack, or a quick activity you enjoy.

This technique helps maintain focus and motivation during the writing process. It’s essential as it promotes productivity, allowing you to balance your well-being.

Setting achievable milestones and rewarding yourself creates a positive cycle that boosts your confidence and ultimately leads to a more prosperous and enjoyable essay writing experience.

Take a break

Taking a break is counterintuitive when hurrying to complete an essay, but it can be highly beneficial.

To do it effectively, set a specific time limit, such as 10 or 15 minutes, and step away from your writing space. Engage in a simple physical activity like stretching, walking around, or deep breathing exercises.

This brief respite recharges your mind, reducing stress and mental fatigue. It enhances your overall productivity, creativity, and concentration when you return to your essay.

Taking breaks prevents burnout, improves clarity, and ensures you approach your work with a fresh perspective, ultimately leading to better-quality writing.

 Don’t be tempted to copy and paste.

When rushing to complete an essay, the temptation to copy and paste from existing sources arises. Resisting that urge is crucial.

Instead, allocate sufficient time for research to gather relevant information. Create an outline to organize your thoughts and structure the essay.

Then, start writing in your own words, utilizing the gathered knowledge. Avoid directly copying sentences, as it will lead to plagiarism and undermines your originality.

Paraphrasing and synthesizing information ensures academic integrity, fosters personal growth, and allows you to develop a unique perspective, ultimately leading to a more authentic and impactful essay.

Switch off your phone and social networks.

When pressed for time to write an essay, switch off your phone and disconnect from social networks. Switching off the phone eliminates distractions and allows you to focus solely on the task.

Removing constant notifications, messages, and scrolling feeds creates a conducive environment for concentration and productivity.

The disconnection enables you to allocate uninterrupted time to research, organize your thoughts, and write effectively.

It enhances your ability to delve deeply into the subject matter and produce well-structured essay. Power down devices and witness a remarkable boost in your writing efficiency.

Keep hydrated and fed.

Staying hydrated and nourished while writing an essay in a hurry is essential for optimal performance.

To achieve this, keep a water bottle and healthy snacks within reach. Hydration promotes clear thinking and helps combat fatigue, while proper nutrition provides the energy needed to sustain focus and creativity.

You maintain concentration, enhance cognitive abilities, and improve overall essay quality by fueling your body.

Write in a quiet and calm place.

Finding a quiet and calm place is essential when writing an essay under time constraints. This environment allows focus and concentration, enabling efficient work.

To create such a space, choose a location free from distractions, such as libraries. In this setting, distractions are minimized, and the mind will enter a flow state, enhancing productivity.

The importance of a quiet and calm place is its ability to foster clarity of thought and creativity and organize ideas effectively.

By prioritizing a serene writing environment, one can maximize their chances of producing a well-crafted essay, even when pressed for time.

Adopt the right mindset.

Adopting the right mindset when writing an essay is crucial for success. To achieve this, start by focusing on a positive attitude. Believe in your abilities and maintain confidence in your writing skills.

Embrace a calm and composed approach to prevent anxiety from hindering your progress. Prioritize clarity and coherence, ensuring that your thoughts flow smoothly.

Resist the urge to rush and take a moment to plan your essay’s structure. Remember that quality is vital, so stay organized and concise. You will produce a well-crafted essay despite limited time by cultivating a positive mindset.


In the race against time, crafting an outstanding essay is achievable. By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you can master the art of writing under pressure and secure a good grade.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, our essay writing services are here to support you in producing high-quality work, even in the tightest of deadlines. Trust us to help you excel when time is limited.

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